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Strategic Vision. Creative Excellence.

I LOVE WHAT I DO. I’m passionate about creating great experiences with next-generation communications technologies. I’m obsessive about crafting clear and compelling language. I’m in love with intelligent, elegant design. I care deeply about this stuff, because I believe there’s a lot more to it than writing copy, designing a pretty UI, or developing cool web apps. I think there’s much more at stake here.

Why? I believe that, in a very real sense, we’re designing ourselves when we’re designing new technologies. Because to be human is, after all, to be technological. In this sense, as Donna Haraway famously wrote, we’ve always been cyborg creatures of both virtual and real dimensions. Beyond our biology, we’re products of our own linguistic, social and material technologies. Our words. Our cultures. The stuff that surrounds us.

Think for a moment about your own daily interactions with information and communications technologies. Your iPhone. The Daily Show. Your car’s GPS. Your Gmail. Facebook. And the many other websites and web apps you frequent each day. These technologies reach beyond the digital encoding and delivery of information. They reshape our social networks. They impact our careers. They affect in profound and subtle ways our social interactions, livelihood, moods. Our sense of ourselves. And all are designed experiences.

So, in a broad sense, that’s what I bring to each engagement. This approach manifests in cutting-edge research methods, bold strategies, game-changing identities, engaging content, and techniques to crafting intelligent, intuitive user experiences.

I hope you’ll get in touch to talk over your organizational needs. I’d love to hear from you.


Proven Process.

WITH OVER 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, and advanced education and training at each stage of the strategic planning and creative process, I’m uniquely qualified to quickly grasp your organizational needs and attend to the smallest tactical detail, managing your marketing, communications or branding project from start to finish.

Working with me, you'll immediately benefit from years of accrued strategic insight, creative expertise, professional training and education, and project management experience.

You'll also benefit from having every detail handled by the senior professional with whom you're meeting and working from start to successful completion of your project.

Whether for a specific, short-term project or a long-term engagement, I'm able to offer professional strategic and creative services generally available only through large agencies — without the big-agency-cost.

Discovery » Depending on your specific needs, this phase may include psychographic and ethnographic research, competitor analysis, facilitated group discussions, and/or stakeholder interviews.

Strategic Planning » A brand strategy is developed based on objectives and research results; the promise of value to the target audience.

Tactical Planning »A tactical plan is developed, identifying required deliverables, and aligning necessary resources around execution of the strategic plan.

Experience Concepting » A set of governing principles in both words and pictures articulates the strategic and tactical plans in a cohesive and compelling manner.

Experience Design » Concept wireframes, user-flows, low-fidelity designs and editorial messaging, the creative expression of the concept, are developed.

Technology Design »The selected brand expression is applied to online applications and media and/or collateral.

Production » Design gives way to development, assuring materials meet required specifications for quality and technical functionality.

Distribution » The final branded experience is distributed through printed materials, built environments, and interactive media.

Experience » In many cases, this process then circles around again to discovery, where results are measured and assessed, and ongoing updates and refinements are made to the brand, branded media, and messaging.




Proprietary psychographic and ethnographic discovery

Market, demographic & competitor analysis.

Strategic planning & project management.

Brand strategy & integrated identity system design and management.

Content strategy, writing & editing.

Web, mobile & social media planning, design & development.

Film & print planning, design & production.

Advertising strategy, photography, design & media placement.